Ever since I nurtured my deeper passions for arts & natural history, I have been travelling and working as a freelance filmmaker & photographer. I chose to tell stories through the art of light & camera while I also voice my thoughts and ideas through writing.

• 1994 – 2004 : Primary, Secondary and High School – CBSE Syllabus.
Sree Vidya Peeth, Narketpally, Nalgonda.
• 2004 – 2006 : Intermediate Course of 2 years – Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Hydernagar, Hyderabad.
• 2006 – 2010 : Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering – JNTU.
Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology, Chevella, Hyderabad.

• 2009 – 2010 Japanese Language course.
Vivekanada Institute Of Languages, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad.
• 2012 Non-linear video editing on Final Cut Pro 7 and X.
Fine Tune Film and Video Editing Academy, Hyderabad.
• 2013 Amateur Astronomy course
BM Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad.
• 2021 – 2022 Japanese Language course.
Vivekanada Institute Of Languages, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad.

• 2012 : Experimented with a short film – The Decode.
This film is based on a science fiction story.
• 2014 : “Cinematographer” and “editor” for a documentary film – Nomadic Spirit.
This film is based on nomadic life and their bonding with nature.

• 2015 : Director, editor and one of the unit member of documenting filmmaker
for a technology event – Hill Hacks 01 at Dharamshala.
• 2016 : Editor and one of the unit member of documenting filmmakers
for an art event – ShopArt ArtShop at Bir.
• 2016 : On field camera man for live streaming at GCMGC 1 – Tibetan football
tournament .
• 2017 : Director, cinematographer and editor for a documentary film –
Norbulingka II A Sanctum for Traditional Tibetan Arts. This film is
aimed to preserve and promote Tibetan Arts.
• 2017: On field camera man for live streaming at GCMGC 2 -Tibetan football
• 2017 : Editor for a documentary film – Life in a shadow. The film is based on
refugees living in India, their everyday life and struggle as refugees.
• 2018 : Worked as a cinematographer for documentary based on the life
story of Mr. Kishor Gurung – A classical guitarist from the 60s based
out of Nepal.
• 2019 Director and editor for a children’s short film – Reel Looped.
• 2019 Script writing for both feature-length and short films.
• 2021 Cinematographer for extreme sports – Filmmaker/Photographer for
Solang Sky Ultra – The Himalayan Hell Race.
• 2022 : Filming and collecting footage for nature documentaries and videos.
• 2023 : Running a YouTube channel purely based on nature, climate & wildlife
and continuing research along the way.

• 2019: Organised & administered an extensive film making workshop for
young children. Introduced and indulged them in the key concepts of
Pre-production, Production & Post-production aspects of filmmaking.
Tailored and created a vision oriented learning environment to develop
an artistic approach for their work.

• Landscapes – Mountains, glaciers, valleys, cliffs, plateaus, deserts, plains,
forests, rivers, stacks, caves, beaches.
• Wildlife – Tibetan wild ass, Vultures, Wild Spiders, Indian Gaur, etc.
• Nature conservation – Documenting different species of flora & fauna.
• Macro – Insects, mushrooms, etc.
• Culture and people – Festivals, rituals, performances.
• Abstract – Light painting.

• 2012 Studying and identifying both poisonous and non-poisonous
snakes of India.
• 2013 Studying animal behaviour and effects of climatic patterns on the
forests I natural surroundings and the wildlife.
• 2014 Tibetan art & culture, traditional Tibetan medicine and Buddhist
studies at CIBS – Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Ladakh.
• 2015 Studying the decline in population of different species of Vultures
in India.
• 2017 : Studying environmental consequences of Palm oil cultivation in
• 2021 Finding alternate solutions for paper production from Elephant &
Rhino dung around local communities of Assam and further
producing photographic prints by traditional printing methods.
• 2022 Studying the movement of migratory birds and their habitats,
breeding grounds, etc around wetland areas – Pong Lake (H.P)

• Worked for a NGO ( Friends Of Snakes) as a member of Rescue, Rehabilitation
and Release team to protect and conserve snakes.
• Worked with WRCS – Wildlife Research and Conservation Society at Melghat
Tiger Reserve as a member of forest patrolling team.
• Constantly collecting footages (photographing and filming) and working on
films/nature documentaries which tell stories and speak about protection,
preservation and conservation of Nature – Natural history, natural resources,
bio-diversity, wildlife, etc.
• Recording bird sounds and contributing to public portals internationally.

• Written Telugu , Hindi and English.
• Spoken Telugu , Hindi and English.
• Learning Tamil, Kannada and Japanese.

• Travelling, filming, writing.
• Hiking, trekking & camping.
• Bird watching, observing and understanding animal behaviour.
• Interested in music – Instrumental, rock, trance and classical music.
• Stargazing.