I look at the void of the blue sky and simply stare.

As i whisper to these clouds, they heed to my inner voice.

They certainly know what i think and what i want to say.

Intuitively they carry my thoughts and words to wherever they are supposed to go.

I trust in them for they are pure and they always make it special when i look out for them to come.

They daze me into the eternity of what i always dream about.

Beyond my thoughts and imaginations, they take me to a delusional world that is very hard to come back from.


Not always but sometimes they truly portray some surreal scenes.

I admire them for how they just appear and disappear in the thin air.

I am always amazed by how they are so formless and yet inspire me so much to keep dreaming.

I know they go on a long voyage everywhere and heed to many other voices like mine to carry their messages.


So, i patiently wait.


Days, months and years pass by, leaving me in an oblivion.

One day they again bring back messages to me from somewhere where i connect back to the dream again.


They are so wild and so mysterious.

A true eternal companion they are,

and certainly one of those that i admire,

they are what they are !


– A wandering soul