From a very young age, being closely connected to the different cultures, had kept me deeply rooted to the land and people around me, yet I am always fascinated by the beauty of imagination and the joy of being lost in any creative space. Inspired by watching and listening to many forms of storytelling from different people and places, I nurtured my passion for storytelling and the love for travelling. It led me onto the path of experimenting with the art of Filmmaking, Photography and Poetry. Above all, the mystic Nature has always been my greatest inspiration, teacher and the ultimate guide to everything that I have lived through. On the trails that I wander around and at every single chance that I get to explore the unknown, it always makes me feel so little about being a part of the whole existence. On the journey to experience & learn more about cinematic arts, life had taken me to different depths and dimensions of what lies behind the art and that’s where I have also been an impulsive seeker, researcher and a naturalist in many ways.